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Jazicality, former people pleasing musician, speaks her mind in latest single"Somebody Else"

July 7, 2023, St Paul, Minnesota

Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, Jazicality makes an explosive entrance with her newest release by discovering the strength to persevere, and find a part of herself that was once lost. Her music will excite fans of Pop, R&B, Rock, and those looking to embrace themselves and discover self confidence.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois Jasmine Anderson (Jazicality), was a shy and timid child after enduring years of bullying, but found her escape through music. This led her to begin a lifelong journey to not only turn her love of music into a career, but to inspire and offer a beacon of hope to others who may be suffering. With lyrics that are heavily inspired by difficult experiences she faced, Jazicality always tries to mix in a message of motivation and strength. It wasn’t until she made the journey to Minnesota that she truly discovered her voice and began posting her original music to the world. But with the release of “Somebody Else”, a new era for Jazicality’s career begins.

In her debut album, Unsent Letters, Jazicality addressed several anonymous muses throughout the course of the 16 song LP. Wading through topics of love, loneliness, friendship, toxicity, and depression, she maintains a theme of prevailing over your demons and overcoming any obstacles life may throw your way. As part of her last single, “Til Now”, she began sharing motivational quotes online, hoping to encourage those struggling with self doubt and fear of failure.

Leading up to this newest single-release, Jazicality began to resonate with butterflies and connect them to her music. She began painting butterflies on her face for every performance; symbolizing hope, freedom, and most importantly, transformation. “Somebody Else” marks a change for Jazicality and thrusts her career into a new era of no longer being a people pleaser, but embarking on a new path, knowing her worth. “Somebody Else” is a song that fights back against the muse it's written about, while still attempting to lift them up and help them get out of their own way. If a smooth R&B voice with an infusion of modern pop flare, and layered harmonies akin to D’Angelo excites you, then this latest outing from Jazicality is sure to keep you listening.

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