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Make Your Own Trophy Records 

Did you know that it’s better to believe in yourself than it is to wait for others to believe in you? You can scream your dreams and goals from the rooftops and people will think you’re insane because they’re not thinking like you. You have a vision and you have the will to fight for what you want. So why would you ever listen to someone who’s outside of that mindset? Make Your Own Trophy Records was built on the trust I have within myself to complete all of my dreams and goals to the best of my ability and encourage others to do the same! The name comes from the lyric in my song This Way “It’s ok to make your own trophy cause no one knows that you’re dealing with your own things.” Seeing this dream grow and having my manager Heather Anderson on this journey with me has been the most rewarding experience! If there's anything I want you to leave this page with it's to keep going with your dreams. You can do this!

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Twin Cities Local Music 

Below you will find music of local artists within the Twin Cities Area and maybe even a little further than the Twin Cites! Check  them out because they are really talented. Even further below on this page you will find live shows posted as we hear about them! Check it out!

Upcoming Shows in Minnesota 

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If you have a show or event coming up in Minnesota, DM us on Instagram. We'd would love to let people in the community know!

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