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Jazicality loves to share her heart through music, and showing parts of her life with vlogging. If you love an abundance of harmonies, emotions, and uncontrollable, laughter these are the youtube channels for you!

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2022 Photo Shoot
2022 Live Show Photo
2021 This Way Photo Shoot
2019 live show
2022 Live Show Photo
2022 Live Show Photo

Music Makes Life More Colorful

Just like life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you're going to get, Jazicality's music has never settled for just one genre. There are beautiful days and sad days that come with life. With different genres, Jazicality loves to express herself. Because she has established this way of creating, Jazicality is able to collaborate with multiple artists. Pop music, R&B, rock, and rap are the genres in which Jazicality specializes. Her band is made up of lead vocals + acoustic/electric guitar(Jazicality), electric guitar (Luke Hoffland), drums + tracks/mixer for background vocals (Sam "The Husky Drummer" Klein), bass (Saxton, a.k.a Erik Saxton), keyboard (Keyez Williams, Kevin Gamble, or Quinlan McWilliams). The instrumentalists use their own styles to bring Jazicality's music to life. In addition to performing with Jazicality, each band member also performs in other bands; they have been able to perfect their craft and share their experience in Jazicality's world of musicality and personality. The connection this group has created is unmatched and the energy surely comes through in their performances. 

Reviews of Jazicality

I want to send a Shout out to Jasmine Anderson Jazicality The #Vocalist #Musician and #MusicTeacher Thank you again for your Time Jaz! You are awesome! Looking forward to the Show this evening I will be playing ALL our spotlight artist THIS EVENING WFNU.ORG Frogtown Radio 94.1 5pm till 6:30pm. If you miss the show you can catch it own the App! - Wowzard Ward of WFNU Radio 94.1FM (via Facebook)

Jasmine is inspiring and has beautiful, smooth tones in her voice that draw the listener in to her music! 

- Rachel McAllister Starr via Facebook Review

She has a great sound, fresh and unconventional.

- Noelle Smith via Facebook Review

Jasmine sings from her heart, her voice touches souls, And soothes SPIRITS


- Julie Davis via Facebook Review

Stage Plot for Jazicality

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