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About the Band

Crushed Into Place

Crushed Into Place is an alternative rock, pop, band originally formed in 2017. The band is based out of the Twin Cities and is lead by vocalist Jasmine Anderson a.k.a Jazicality and drummer Sam"The Husky Drummer" Klein. These two are the only members from the original 4 piece that remain in the band. They are also the founders. Jasmine told Sam that she wanted a band to which he replied "Then do it"! Thus forming a group to be able to express their songwriting abilities in. Jazicality and The Husky Drummer also have another band they lead together named after lead vocalist Jazicality. Though Crushed Into Place has been formed for a little over 5 years, the band has yet to be able to put out their long awaited full length album "Wounded'. They have however released their EP "Identity". The band was ramping up to record the album and then the 2020 pandemic hit. Unfortunately, the band encountered multiple member changes making it difficult to continue playing and loving their music. As time went on, they remembered the messages within the songs and they feel as though the world still needs to hear their unreleased music. So they push forward.

 The name of the band though it already has a meaning, has been exactly how they have had to tackle these road bumps. They've been crushed so many times by difficult parts in life just like anyone else, but they want redemption. In the spirit of making it through dark times, Jasmine has determined the true meaning of Crushed Into Place's symbol to be "creating light in the darkness" or as in the symbol two hearts. One has black lightning strikes and the other heart has yellow lightning strikes. The concept has now been written in various ways, but it all has the same message. 

Pink Sugar


Jasmine Anderson a.k.a Jazicality has been creating professionally for 6 years. Her first band before she created her stage name was Crushed Into Place.  Though she has now created a sister band, Jazicality is determined to keep Crushed Into Place alive. The music that has been written from 2017-2020 has yet to be released and she really wants the CIP audience to hear it. Having other members to create their own instrumental parts, Jasmine was able to focus and delve into her artistry as a vocalist and later as an acoustic guitarist. 

Sam "The Husky Drummer" Klein

Sam Klein a.k.a The Husky Drummer co-leads Crushed Into Place and Jazicality with Jasmine while also drumming in various other bands with different styles. THD has played a major role in the development of the band's sound. He is always experimenting with new rhythm ideas and dabbling in genre changes within songs.  Having gotten other experience in bands, Sam has been an impressive leader on and off stage.

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