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Jazicality's BRAND NEW song "Attention" will be released on 3.15.24!

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Jazicality has been in love with music since before she could remember. Growing up in a musical family, Jazicality constantly sang and unknowingly developed a great ear for melody and harmony. She had been in choirs in school and she wrote songs in every notebook she had. As time went on, the words and melodies she had created turned into full songs and she learned more about how to read music and produce her own songs. She would use DAW's (digital audio workstations) such as Mixcraft and Garage Band. As she learned how to use them, she also posted to Youtube and Facebook. Jazicality would post covers and originals. Only recently in 2018 did she start consistently posting vlogs to her Youtube channel featuring her band Crushed Into Place and other friends she found along the way. Some of her past stage names were May the Music Be With You, 23ddanceaddict (she used to dance a lot)  and just her actual name Jasmine Anderson. The name Jazicality comes from the mixture of her name, musicality, and personality.

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