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Jazicality's (MYOTR) Motivational Jewelry Bundle

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Make Your Own Trophy Records (Jewelry) SALE!!

50% off all earrings when you buy this bundle.

It’s sometimes difficult to break through the barriers in our mind. Sometimes life just feels like it’s trying to defeat us on days where we just need one thing to go right. Do you ever just want a reminder that you’re not alone and that things will get better? Welcome to the Make Your Own Trophy Records (Jewelry) Bundle! MYOTRJB for short! This jewelry line is meant to help you in your growth and we wanted to create a way for you to get all the earrings together for 50% OFF! They can be used as a reminder in your healing process and they can be styled to go along with your outfits. This jewelry will not magically fix your problems, but it will assist in helping you through difficult times. Know that you’re not alone in feeling helpless or broken. The MYOTR jewelry was uniquely created by our founder, Jazicality. There’s nothing shameful about being hurt or imperfect. We encourage you to address that pain and shame in your day with this jewelry. Problems aren’t always able to be fixed right away, so we believe this visual approach will help others. We hope you see progress in general and with these tiny motivational messages.

~ An encouragement to be who you are.

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